New forecast projects IPTV to snag 14 percent of pay TV subscribers 2013

Over the next five years, IPTV will swipe a sizable percentage of pay TV subscribers worldwide from cable television if a new forecast from Pyramid Research is correct.

In 2008, the IPTV share of the overall pay TV subscriber base stands at 3 percent. However, that modest figure will grow to 14 percent in 2013 at the expense of cable TV’s share, according to the research organization.

Pyramid Research projects the pull of IPTV pay television subscribers away from cable will mean that cable TV’s share will drop from 76 percent to 61 percent over the same period.

The forecast also reveals that with an increasing number of telcos deploying fiber amidst an increasing need to replace their fixed telephony business, FTTx networks are expected to account for close to 30 percent of IPTV revenues in 2013.

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