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New Edition of FCC Regulations Available

The FCC announced last week that the October 2003 edition of Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations is now available for purchase. Title 47 contains the FCC regulations, divided into five paperback books costing from $39 to $61 each. Broadcast stations are required to have a copy of the FCC rules available at their facilities.

The book for Parts 0 to 19, which includes regulations on tower lighting, the Emergency Alert System and frequency allocations, among other things, costs $61. Broadcast regulations are covered in the book for Parts 70 to 79, which also costs $61, as does the book covering Parts 80 and higher, which includes rules for microwave links.

Information on how to order the books can be found in the FCC Public Notice. Another source for more up to date FCC regulations is GPO Access, available in at the beta test site If you click on the link for the entire rules Part and not the Table of Contents after selecting Title 47, be prepared to wait if you have a slow connection as this will send the entire Part to your browser. Downloading the entire part can be useful, however, if you want to save it to disk or print out the latest version of the rules. When I checked the site Sunday (April 11), the site said data was current as of April 8, 2004.