New Broadcom TV-On-A-Chip Supports 1080p Displays

Broadcom introduced their BCM3563 TV system-on-a-chip last week, saying it is the first complete system-on-a-chip to support full 1080p display resolution. The TV system-on-a-chip contains integrated ATSC, QAM and NTSC/PAL demodulators, but does not contain a tuner.

Broadcom's announcement did not provide any details on the performance of the ATSC demodulator or indicate if it was a "5th generation" design. In addition to the demodulators, the chip includes two DVI/HDMI receivers, a transport processor, a digital audio processor, an HDTV MPEG video decoder, 2D graphics processing, digital processing of analog video and audio, analog video digitizer and DAC functions, stereo high-fidelity audio DAC's, a 330-MHz MIPS processor and a peripheral control unit. A CEA/EIA-909 smart antenna interface is also included on the chip.

Dan Marotta, senior vice president and general manager of Broadcom's Broadband Communications Group said, "Consumer awareness of 1080p resolution is placing demands on television manufacturers to offer cost-competitive analog/digital televisions with full HD 1080p video display capabilities. Our next generation 65 nanometer television-on-a-chip enables manufacturers to reduce the complexity and system cost of their highest display resolution products, which in turn, allows for affordable high quality analog/digital televisions in a variety of size and display options."

Broadcom is currently providing samples of the BCM3563 to its early access customers.