New book to turn ‘HD Dummies’ into smart shoppers

TTE hopes to clear up the confusion over HDTV with its new “HDTV Buying Tips For Dummies” pocket book.

This month, consumers will have a chance to get a little smarter about HDTV with the launch of a “HDTV Buying Tips For Dummies” book.

Designed to give consumers an easy-to-understand primer on all aspects of digital TV, the book will include information on common connections, how to receive programming, the various display formats and display technology options.

TTE, the manufacturer of RCA Digital Television, is launching the co-branded book with partner Wiley Publishing. While it retains the cover appearance of the “For Dummies” brand, the 40-page book is designed to slip easily into a pocket or purse for convenient consumer reference on shopping expeditions. It will be free to consumers and distributed at various electronics retail locations nationwide.

The book is the centerpiece of a broader TTE effort to educate consumers about HDTV. In early May, a new digital TV center section of, sponsored by RCA Digital TV, went live.

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