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New book lists 50 ways for broadcasters to profit from digital spectrum

Broadcasters have long claimed they see no way to profit from digital television. For those still in the dark, Kagan Research has published a new book.

“HDTV Spectrum Monetization 2005: The Economics of Datacasting and Multicasting,” is a research study providing the nation’s TV station owners with 50 economic models for monetizing the digital spectrum.

The answer for terrestrial broadcasters may lie in using the digital spectrum in ways unavailable to them in the analog world, Kagan said. In the publication, expert analysts have crafted financial permutations to help broadcasters determine what the future holds as they seek alternative revenue streams from the digital spectrum. The book features 30 datacasting, 10 multicasting and 10 multichannel scenarios.

The study lays out the economic considerations and projects the potential profitability commercial and noncommercial broadcasters need to understand before implementing their digital spectrum.

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