interactivity goes behind scenes at TV2, Norway

TV2, Norway, has deployed interactive technology behind the scenes to create a single management hub for one-click publishing of digital content, regardless of its source or destination. The same technology —'s Auto Dialog System, Interactivity Desk, and Dynamic Content Scheduler — is also enabling Norway's TV2 viewers to use their mobile phones or laptops to make live, real-time contributions during sports talk shows and broadcasts.

At TV2, technology takes incoming feeds from as many sources as desired — internal content, Web sites, databases, or even SMS feeds — and aggregates them on a single Web interface that is viewed by a technician. With one mouse click, the technician can then publish content to its destination, with the system automating every step of the process, including graphics interpolation and formatting.

TV2 is using technology to enable viewers to use their mobile phones or Twitter to send comments that appear in near real time on the in-studio touchscreen at a live sports talk show.