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NEP uses 50 Sony HD cameras to capture Academy Awards ceremony

The 84th Academy Awards ceremony, which aired Feb. 26, was broadcast worldwide using 50 Sony HD cameras.

NEP Broadcasting, the production facilities provider supporting the event, placed the Sony cameras throughout the inside of the theater, including the orchestra pit; stage left, center and right; and high camera positions for wide shots. Additional cameras were positioned outside to capture red-carpet arrivals, celebrity interviews and exterior shots.

The Sony camera models include 15 HDC-2500s and 35 HDC-1500s for the main broadcast and other red carpet shows. According to George Hoover, senior vice president of engineering for NEP, the Sony HD cameras fit the unique production requirements for the telecast.

"The Academy Awards ceremony is a very demanding production, with several shows within a show from the red carpet to interviews to the main broadcast itself," Hoover said.

The 84th Academy Awards ceremony marks the second time Sony HD cameras have hit the red carpet for Hollywood's biggest night.