Nearly 50 percent of iPhone users express interest in anticipated Apple iTV, says Strategy Analytics

Almost half of Apple iPhone users say they are very or somewhat likely to buy an Apple iTV soon after its launch, according to new research report from the Strategy Analytics Connected Home Devices advisory service.

The report, "Apple's Smart TV: Assessing Purchase Intention and Willingness to Pay," bases its findings on a survey conducted in March of 6000 consumers in the United States, France, Germany and the UK.

According to Strategy Analytics director and report author Jia Wu, there is strong interest in a possible Apple iTV, even though the details of a possible launch of the product are unknown. However, despite the strong interest, consumers are sensitive to price. "The success of an Apple iTV hinges on Apple's ability to match innovation with appropriate price points," he said.

The Strategy Analytics research found among those surveyed that there is a willingness to pay $1000 or more for an Apple-branded TV; however, as the price climbs higher, fewer respondents would make the purchase. Only 14 percent said they would pay more than $1600 for an Apple iTV, the research found.

Another analyst, Kantideep Thota, said Samsung, Sony, LG and other major TV makers are threatened by the launch of an Apple iTV. "More than one-quarter of non-Apple TV owners could potentially migrate to an Apple-branded TV in a fairly short period of time," Thota said.