NDTV orders Eyeheight for playout

The new system is integrated with NDTV’s two existing Eyeheight presTX systems
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Eyeheight’s playout system consists of seven core units and is integrated with NDTV’s two existing Eyeheight presTX systems.

New Delhi Television (NDTV), one of India’s largest independent broadcasters, has taken delivery of an Eyeheight playout modular master control system.

The new system is integrated with NDTV’s two existing Eyeheight presTX systems, each comprising an MW-3 mix/wipe and DK-3 downstream keyer, plus an emergency controller centered on the FP-10 system set-up panel. All three systems are interfaced to the network’s in-house automation. Benchmark Microsystems, a broadcast systems integrator in India, negotiated the contract and will provide technical support from its New Delhi headquarters.

Eyeheight’s playout consists of seven core units: a 1U base configuration chassis; mix/wipe module; keyer; audio/voice-over module; internal cross-point; logo-store and dual-channel DVE. These can be configured as an automated A/B mixer or scaled up to a complete multichannel master control system with manual over-ride.

The base configuration chassis can house up to three independent channels. The chassis supports up to three keying modules with individual key, fill and background inputs plus dedicated preview output. A TK-10 control panel enables all keyers to be operated independently or in parallel. Key and transition parameters can be preset and stored in internal user memories.

Playout’s mix/wipe module provides a wide range of wipes with user-preset edge characteristics, audio-follows-video, audio only, video only, audio lead and audio lag. Transitions can be performed via manual T-bar, timed with manual activation, or fully automated.

Playout’s audio and voice-over module adds dual AES audio inputs, mono mixdown and channel swap. Optional motorized faders register automated changes in audio mixing level.

For more information, visit www.eyeheight.com.

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