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NBC rolls out ecofriendly newsgathering vehicle

NBC this week debuted its "Mean Green Streaming Machine," a one-of-a-kind, ecofriendly hybrid newsgathering vehicle that the network will use to cover breaking news, politics and environmental news for NBC News and MSNBC.

The hybrid SUV also features a hybrid electronics package and streams live audio and video. Besides shutting itself off while idling and running on its own battery as other hybrid vehicles do, the “streaming machine” incorporates a few tricks of its own to green up the newsgathering side of its carbon footprint, including:

  • Running off less than 20A of electricity as opposed to more than 60A used by traditional SNG trucks
  • Onboard power supply from a 2000W power inverter and three deep-cycle marine batteries that can be charged via portable wind turbines, solar panels and shore power from a conventional home outlet
  • Four- to six-hour operation between charges
  • Reusable media cards in place of videotape

The environmentally friendly newsgathering vehicle is the product of NBC News' field shop in Long Island City, NY.

The vehicle is the latest in the network’s efforts to draw attention to the environment. In November 2007, the networked dimmed the studio lights during the production of a “Sunday Night Football” as part of its Green is Universal campaign.