NBA and NHL coaches get faster Internet transmissions with XOS Technologies

XOS Technologies, a technology provider for collegiate and professional sports teams, is accelerating Internet download speeds for coaches from 26 NHL teams and 28 NBA teams.

XOS selected technology from California’s FastSoft to accelerate the transfer of Internet data for its sports team clients. FastSoft’s Aria Internet acceleration device will be a component of XOS Coaching Solutions, which make the acquisition, management and distribution of digital video to coaches more efficient.

Companies that depend on the transfer of large files traditionally lose time and productivity waiting for data to download. FastSoft’s Aria product line decreases the file transfer wait time with a single-box tool that does not require any hardware or software on the receiving end.

The technology uses FastTCP, which is able to control queuing delay so Web traffic sees very little latency, which improves response time. The standard TCP protocol slows down by 50 percent whenever it encounters packet loss.

The FastSoft solution addresses this deficiency and allows applications to achieve full line rate transfers consistently and robustly. The acceleration technology maximizes application throughput without sharply increasing latency or packet loss across even when faced with the most challenging operating conditions.

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