NAB recommends ways to measure success for Wilmington DTV experiment

The NAB has recommended five ways for the FCC to measure success at the DTV trial that begins Sept. 8 in Wilmington, NC.

The specific measurement tools proposed are:

1. An awareness survey. NAB will conduct an awareness survey on Sept. 8, the day of the test, to determine the number of viewers who are aware of the digital switch and whether they have taken action.

2. Intercept surveys. NAB will conduct intercept surveys (similar to voter exit polls) on the afternoon and evening of Sept. 8 to interview Wilmington DMA citizens about the ease of difficulties associated with the upgrade.

3. Broadcaster surveys. NAB will conduct a broadcaster survey to poll stations on any problems, solutions, viewer calls and complaints they received.

4. FCC call center data collection. As stations will not be switching off but instead running an information slate on the analog signal, they can direct viewers who failed to upgrade to the FCC call center. Based on information gleaned from the calls, we strongly urge the FCC to determine, categorize and tabulate reasons why viewers did not upgrade and share that information with broadcasters, cable and satellite partners.

5. Cable and satellite subscriber reports. Cable and satellite companies should share information about their subscribers’ experiences related to the Wilmington experiment.