NAB, Media Coalition Asks Congress to Support Local News Media

(Image credit: NAB)

ARLINGTON, Va.—Combining the interests of local broadcast and local newspaper media outlets, a coalition comprised of the NAB, the News Media Alliance, National Newspaper Association and America’s Newspaper have called on Congress to include what they call “critical support” to local news media in the next stimulus package aimed at businesses impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

The four organizations have created a joint summary document that details what it is looking for from Congress. This includes the ability of local media to seek relief under the newly established Paycheck Protection Program and to fund federal advertising spending on local media through directing U.S. government advertising campaigns to local news and media outlets. Specifically, it calls for $5-$10 billion provided to the Department of Human Health and Services, the Small Business Administration and other relevant agencies for direct funding for local media advertising.

Throughout the pandemic, viewers have been turning to local news to keep them informed. However, as the coalition notes, general advertising has declined leading to decreased revenue.

“NAB is proud to join our friends at the News Media Alliance, National Newspapers Association and America’s Newspapers in support of local media,” said NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith. “In communities across America, local broadcasters and local newspapers provide an indispensable source of credible journalism and community focused information that simply cannot be replaced by other media platforms. We urgently request that policymakers support our effort to preserve advertising-supported local media outlets that are so important to the fabric of daily life.”

The summary document is available online.