NAB asks Congress and FCC to deal with DTV coupon shortage

The National Association of Broadcasters urged Congress and the FCC to take action to deal with the backlog of DTV coupon requests.

NAB president David Rehr suggested four options to address the situation:

  1. Either raise the redemption rate assumption;
  2. Boost funding for the program;
  3. Waive the current 90-day expiration on the coupons; or
  4. Waive the Antideficiency Act requirement that the government not send out more coupons until money is freed up from coupons that go unredeemed.

“The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) urges Congress to address this issue, as millions of households are at risk of losing reception without the help of a coupon toward these converter boxes,” Rehr said.

Rep. Edward Markey, D-MA, is currently working on a bill that would waive the Antideficiency Act requirement. The bill could be introduced this week.