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MTV Going HD in Early 2006

MTV will go HD in January, although it owns a set of otherwise-envied demographics in the advertiser-coveted 18-34 age group that some trade press have been quick to point out doesn't exactly lend itself to HD set buyers. Actually, there may be a lot of singles or married-without-children couples on the older end of that demographic who can afford HD equipment.)

As might be expected, MTV reports that the HD channel will include concerts, music videos and other music-related programming, according to published reports.
Young consumers are nearly always faster off the blocks to embrace new technology (just ask iPod maker Apple (opens in new tab) ), assuming it's within a pricing structure that most of them can reasonably afford. That comfort level in pricing may not yet apply to HD, but the upcoming holiday sales season will be a good barometer.

Then again, MTV is also hoping that a lot of its viewers at least have parents who can afford HD monitors. U.S. households actually able to view HD programming via digital cable, DBS or tuners today is apparently approaching 5 percent, although more than twice that percentage own HD sets.