MPH mobile system holds promise for LPTV stations, say proponents

Speaking to members of the Community Broadcasters Association Oct. 30 in Las Vegas, the developers of MPH in-band mobile DTV said the technology offers them a way to generate new revenue streams.

During a keynote presentation before the trade association of Class A and Low Power Television (LPTV) stations, representatives from Zenith, the U.S. R&D subsidiary of LG Electronics, and Harris said in-band mobile DTV may be an ideal fit with the community broadcasters' business model.

MPH allows broadcasters to maximize the use of their DTV spectrum, said Wayne Luplow, vice president of HDTV standards and promotion at Zenith. The technology will allow low-power television stations to offer four to six mobile, locally oriented channels, “which seems likely to give them a substantial competitive edge."

Under development for more than two years at the LG Electronics DTV Laboratory in Seoul, South Korea, and at LG's Zenith lab near Chicago, MPH builds on two ATSC standards, also developed by Zenith: the Enhanced VSB (E-VSB) system and 8-VSB.

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