MOS and real-time device control initiative begun

At IBC2004 in September, an initiative was started to include a new class of messages in machine object servers that will enable real-time device control of broadcast hardware.

Currently, there are several disparate proprietary protocols and methods that address only specific vendors' machines. Adding this control method as a new Profile in MOS, created in large part by the server manufacturers, would provide the industry an option for a single open standard.

These messages would be included in a separate additional profile (Profile 7) that would include the use of a separate port. The potential applications of the proposed Profile 7 could significantly increase the application scope of the existing MOS protocol.

This work is intended to complement, but leave unaffected, the existing Profiles 1-6, which remain free. Pinnacle Systems' Al Kovalick is leading the MOS Profile 7 work.

Interested parties can participate by following directions to the support conferences at Or contact Sophie Toumazis at +44 208 347 7020 or

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