Microtune TV Tuners Popular With Manufacturers

Microtune says its TV tuners will be used in many TV products demonstrated at CeBIT 2006, held last week in Hannover, Germany. Micronas will use two of the tuners with separate antennas to enable diversity reception in portable devices and fixed devices such as its MicPython 2H-X dual tuner DVB-T PCI Express card for home theater units.

Microtune's small, low power consumption tuner will also be shown in USB receiver dongles and add-in cards for DVB-H mobile broadcast reception, including Avermedia's AVerTV DVB-H Express Card. Other participating companies include DiBcom, Pinnacle Systems Inc., TerraTec Electronic GmbH and Taiwanese original design manufacturers Yuan Technology and WideView Technology.

Microtune announced last week that ATI's new "All-In-Wonder" cards will use Microtune's MT2121 high-performance analog/digital tuner.