Microtune to Supply Tuners for ATI Multimedia/PC Video Cards

Microtune announced it was supplying its single-chip silicon tuner to ATI Technologies. The Microtune MT2050 "MicroTuner" allows off-air and cable TV reception in the company's new "TV Wonder Elite" and "All-in-Wonder" video cards.

Paul Lypaczewski, VP and GM of ATI Technologies Multimedia Business Unit said, "ATI continues to redefine multimedia PC entertainment with products that deliver enhanced functionality and award-winning, high-quality video and graphics performance. We rely on leading-edge technologies to power our products, and we have long recognized that Microtune develops the industry's most advanced broadband silicon tuners. The combination of the Microtune single-chip tuner with our innovative All-in-Wonder and TV Wonder technology further strengthens ATI's industry leadership for PC video solutions."

James A Fontaine, president and CEO of Plano, Texas-based companyadded, "Converging PC and TV applications require a tuner that sets a new benchmark in performance, functionality, reliability and cost-effectiveness. Microtune's MicroTuner MT2050 delivers. Our patented RF integrated-circuit technology, now in its seventh generation, produces the high-quality reception critical for enhanced digital computing and superior digital TV."