Media Bureau reminds broadcasters to enroll in DIRS

Have you enrolled in the voluntary FCC Disaster Information Reporting System? Doing so helps the commission stay on top of the status of licensed TV and radio broadcasters during emergencies, such as hurricanes and other disasters.

The FCC Media Bureau and Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau (PSHSB) released a reminder Aug. 6 encouraging broadcasters not yet enrolled in the system to do so and asking those who have enrolled to update their contact information regularly.

According to the commission, the DIRS program can provide the FCC with vital situational awareness about broadcasters operating in areas affected by an emergency and help the agency act quickly to help broadcasters taken off the air by an emergency to restore operations.

Participating broadcasters should obtain a DIRS User ID for every employee who might provide the commission with information about the status of their stations during a disaster. DIRS applicants will be asked to provide: contact name, company name, phone number, cell phone number, Blackberry/pager number and e-mail address.

When a disaster is declared in the locale of a broadcaster, DIRS participants should provide the commission with information about the status of their station. Those in need of help can convey their request to the FCC via DIRS.