Media Bureau grants Time Warner extension

Time Warner now has until July 2 to certify that three newly acquired Los Angeles SMATV systems comply with cable/SMATV cross-ownership rules.

The FCC Media Bureau March 30 granted a request from Time Warner for an extension until July 2 of its deadline to submit certification that three of the satellite maser antenna television (SMATV) systems acquired in its purchase of the assets of Adelphia Communications last year comply with cable/SMATV cross-ownership rules.

Last July, the FCC approved the sale of Adelphia Communications cable systems and assets to Time Warner and Comcast as well as an exchange between the two companies of cable systems and assets and redemption of Comcast’s interest in Time Warner Cable. That deal required Comcast and Time Warner to certify to the FCC certain requirements it imposed for the transactions to move forward. Among them was certification that the commission’s cable/SMATV cross-ownership rules had been satisfied.

As of March 30, Time Warner had certified cross-ownership compliance with 13 of 16 SMATV systems in the Los Angeles area and one in Columbus, OH, acquired in the transaction. Together the three SMATV systems serve about 644 subscribers, the Media Bureau said.

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