Latest FCC tally shows nearly 1800 U.S. full-power stations on-air

The latest count from FCC reveals that as of Dec. 30, 2012, there were 1781 full-power television stations on air in the United States.

The full-power station breakdown shows: 1028 UHF commercial TV stations, 358 VHF commercial TV stations, 288 UHF educational TV stations, and 107 VHF educational stations.

The FCC tally, released Jan. 11, also shows a total of 454 Class A TV stations, of which 393 are UHF and 61 are VHF.

The count also showed there to be 3015 UHF translators and 1156 VHF translators on air. The total number of low-power television stations stood at 1984, of which 1587 are UHF and 397 are VHF.

When all TV stations, translator stations and radio stations and translators are tallied, the number of broadcasters on air in the United States at the end of 2012 was 30,470.