KUAT-TV Tucson Back on the Air

As noted in last week's RF report, KUAT-TV in Tucson was off the air when it was not able to turn on its transmitter on Mount Bigelow, near the Aspen fire, last Saturday. The problem was caused by loss of the telephone line used for the remote control, according to the article KUAT-TV back up and running in the Arizona Summer Wildcat. The article said the signal was manually restored Sunday morning when Michael Stanley, operator-manager of the Mount Lemmon Cooperative Water Co., went up to the site.

An article in the Tucson Citizen by Oscar Abeyta on July 8, KUAT-TV goes off air for 2 hours said station engineers were not allowed access to the site to repair the backup microwave remote control system, which had failed, until later Sunday. The article also said the station was shutting down for two hours to allow maintenance on the station's generator, which has been the only source of power for the station since the fire took out the power lines.