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KLCS pilots datacasting of educational material with Triveni Digital

KLCS selected Triveni Digital for its project to provide teachers and students in the Los Angeles County School District (LAUSD) with rich instructional digital media content.

The project aims to place the educational materials directly in each classroom or at library computers via video/data streaming, thereby allowing individualized, tailored learning to occur.

Using Triveni Digital’s SkyScraper system, the content for the schools is inserted into the digital broadcast stream. The technique, also known as datacasting, increases the resources available to the schools by delivering them where they are needed on-site. The SkyScraper system provides various methods for packaging, distribution and accessing of the content. Age-and-audience appropriate user interfaces can easily be designed and implemented.

KLCS is transmitting four streaming channels at 1 Mb/s directly to school sites from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. during school days while also broadcasting its regularly scheduled programming. The channels - a replication of KLCS’ main channel, a primary school channel, a secondary school channel, and a professional development channel - are coordinated with the curriculum calendar, providing teachers with an easy means to access rich media without leaving the classroom.

Broadcast Engineering will have a complete report on the KLCS project in the May issue.

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