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KEYE-TV Installs Robotic Cameras

Austin, Texas ABC affiliate KEYE-TV has installed a Vinten Rademac Fusion robotic system for studio production work.

The station says that it’s achieving greater precision and repeatability in camera moves, and that the system is helping it to increase operating efficiency.

"They’re always here," he said of the cameras on their robotic platforms," said Dusty Granberry, KEYE-TV’s director of broadcast operations. "They come on time, they never get sick, and it’s made our life a lot easier."

The system KEYE-TV includes four Fusion FH100 robotic/manual heads, three of which are mounted on Fusion FP145 robotic pedestals. The fourth head is used strictly for weathercast chroma key shots and stays in a fixed studio location.

Granberry also noted that the system has improved uniformity of camera operation during news programs, especially in repeatability of moves in signature shots.

"Every news director has that very special zoom-in at the beginning of the show, or very special trucking shot that they really love, and it’s nice to be able to repeat it over and over again, every single night," he said. "That’s pretty impressive, and it improved the overall quality of the show."