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KEDT-TV Adds NVerzion CLASS System

SALT LAKE CITY—The South Texas Public Broadcasting System run station KEDT-TV recently added NVerzion’s Component Level Automation System Solutions (CLASS) platform. Utilizing the CLASS system will help the station support additional channels in the future, as well as perform tasks like recording, scheduling, playback, and non-real-time delivery, according to NVerzion.

KEDT is using CLASS to support its main HD channel and one SD subchannel. As part of the system, NVerzion has also provided hardware and software components that include NControl on-air playlists; NGest dubbing and recording software; NPoint Direct video preparation software and media events capabilities; NBase SQL media database manager; NView database viewer; NCommand machine status and control; NConvert traffic interface; NTime time-driven event scheduling; Ethernet Machine Control; and a creative protocol interface module for XML traffic communications. CLASS can also control the file-based workflow, including third-party equipment.

Support for file transfers from NRT is also a new element KEDT has with CLASS. The system allows the station to automatically schedule and transfer a new program from the PBS NRT distribution system to the station server, per NVerzion.

With its modular design, NVerzion reports that the CLASS system can add features and perform infrastructure upgrades, with the scalability to support additional channels and subchannels. KEDT says it plans to utilize this to control a third channel for Delmar College.