Kanal 75 uses Bluefish444 cards for graphics

Kanal 75 is using Bluefish4444's Deepblue LT, SD Envy (pictured) and SD Greed digital video cards for a variety of broadcast and production functions.

Kanal 75, a television station based in Sweden, is using Bluefish4444 cards in character generator, graphics/animation and master control systems.

Kanal 75's in-house developers designed an automated graphics control system, and subsequently decided to create its own character generator based on Bluefish444 products. Now Kanal 75 is moving to animated graphics, and playout/ingest based on Windows Media technology.

Kanal 75 is using Bluefish444's Deepblue LT, SD Envy and SD Greed cards for use with the Radix-branded line of products they were developing. Among them is Radix CG Basic, a fast character generator being used at television stations and some Swedish racetracks.

The Radix TGA Sequencer plays TGA files directly from the hard drive with about one frame start delay. It is used to play out live effects such as smoke or confetti rain in Kanal 75's daily shows.

For more information, visit www.bluefish444.com.

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