Is HD Next for iPhone?

While Apple’s iPhone may be many things to many people, one thing it is not—not yet anyway—is an HD mini-TV set.

That may change soon, and also perhaps finally answer the question of whether a screen can be too small to appreciate HD imaging.

Imagination Technologies said that a new graphics processor IP core (PowerVR SGX543) could eventually support HD quality.

Imagination Technologies is the firm behind some of the current hardware used in the iPhone and iPod Touch. The British company said its new chip is to be available in both single-core and multi-processor editions. It is defined as a “four-pipeline chip” (USSE2), described as a multi-threaded GPU processing engine that is incorporated into each pipeline.

According to Imagination, where Apple is a minority owner, the PowerVR SGX543 can achieve performance of 35 million polygons-per-second and a pixel fill-rate of one gigapixel-per-second while running at 200 MHz.

But exactly when will so-called HD video be available on the iPhone? Stay tuned.

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