IPTV poised to become viable alternative for DTV delivery, says report

Broadband networks will likely play a significant role in the delivery of digital television service in Europe, although obstacles in the near term will impede IPTV from becoming widely accepted in the short run, according to a recently released report from Datamonitor.

According to the report, “Digital and interactive TV markets: Opportunities in Europe to 2005,” interest in IPTV has grown over the last year, mainly due to improvements in technology and commercial pressures.

By the end of 2007, nearly 15 million households will access television programming via IP, and global revenues from IPTV will surpass $7.5 billion. Currently, there are 600,000 homes that receive such television services.

The report focuses on key issues and trends influencing the development of IPTV and examines the key technological innovations that are helping to make IPTV an attractive alternative for service providers.

Additionally, the report examines where IPTV fits into the digital television landscape and how operators might benefit from deploying the service.

The report defines IPTV, the services it can deliver, and provides an overview of the technology. It examines what’s driving the interest in IPTV as well as the uncertainty over the shape of a successful business model.

Highlights of the report include:

  • Interest from major players, including FastWeb, Telefónica and BT
  • Technology partners and Microsoft’s IPTV efforts
  • Partnering for success

The report can be ordered from the Datamonitor Web site.

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