IPTV operators going mobile TV, MSV

MRG has just released the results of its latest mobile TV report, and it contains some interesting info that supports how large the growth of mobile will really become.

The biggest finding is the traction gained for multiscreen video (MSV), which is targeted to roll out to the masses next year. System upgrades and infrastructure advances are paving the way to introduce adaptive bit streaming to all kinds of devices, including phones and tablets, in 2012. The concept behind multiscreen is one feed serving many different devices in one location. As consumers and business continue to add different phone and tablet devices around one location, multiscreen options will continue to be critical to accept demand.

Networks are already upgrading to focus on demand, with 3G to 4G speeds more commonplace. But the key is also in the transcoding, when a signal hits a device, it had to be ready to view with no problems. Networks and broadcasters at the system level are constantly updated to ensure that there is no delay in readying the signals for multiple devices. Meanwhile, phones and tablets are ratcheting up processor speeds, including multicore and multiprocessor, so that everything plays out as smoothly as possible. Add in to the mix that a single location could be feeding three, five or 10 different devices all at the same time, and robust infrastructure is not just needed, it is required.

The report details the growth will occur over the next three years as operators ramp up to line up with increased demand. As HD becomes more commonplace on all devices, bandwidth must increase in the always-on and on-demand space. The report concluded with a good sign that operators, broadcasters and device manufacturers will be up to speed and ready to be synchronized with dramatically increased demand.