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Iowa Public Broadcasters Tap Harris NetVX for Transmitting IP Video

Iowa Public Television Network (IPTV) has purchased Harris Corp.'s NetVX network connectivity system to transmit programming over fiber optic lines from a centralized location.

The Iowa network will use its digital capacity to multi-cast several standard definition channels during daytime hours, along with Web-generated material. The NetVX one-box, high-speed network system will also allow IPTV to remotely monitor its transmitters, send data services and back-monitor programming. According to Bill Hayes, director of engineering for IPTV, the network hopes to maximize its bandwidth use to provide even more video and data services to viewers.

Targeting IT-based, content-rich multichannel environments, NetVX allows video, audio and data to be transported simultaneously over ATM or IP networks, including E-3 and DS-3 microwave networks. Harris will be showing NetVX with an enhanced Gigabit Ethernet interface module at NAB2004.