In-Stat: All TVs 40 inches and Up Will Be 3D-Enabled

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ.: Despite waning public enthusiasm, the 3DTV set market is poised to grow by a factor of five this year, In-Stat predicts.

“Over the next few years, a greater percentage of large-screen TV sets will ship with the 3D feature,” In-State’s Michelle Abraham said. “We expect 100 percent of all 40-inch and above DTV sets will eventually be 3D-enabled. This will not only cause shipments of 3DTV sets to increase, but will also grow the number of households worldwide with 3DTV sets. 3D content providers need not worry that consumers will be unable to view their content.”

Recent In-Stat research found the following:

Households with 3DTV sets will eclipse 300 million in 2015.
In 2011, Europe will have the most 3DTV unit shipments at just over 7 million.

By 2015 Asia/Pacific will have the largest share of 3D TV unit shipments at 32 percent.

The forecast stacks up beside another form DisplaySearch in Santa Clara, Calif., which recently said 3DTVs would account for about one-third of 120 Hz LCD sets in 2011. DisplaySearch said 3DTV penetration would increase as the 3D feature is added to more basic models in the coming years.
~ Deborah D. McAdams