Informa: IPTV Subs Strong

Significant growth will result in 38.4 million IPTV homes by 2012 – or more than seven times as much as the end-2006 figure, according to a research report published by Informa Telecoms & Media.

Despite this acceleration, IPTV – A Global Analysis (3rd Edition) has found that only 3.1 percent of the world's TV households will subscribe to an IPTV service by 2012, as the operators battle for market share against cable, satellite and DTT.

Adam Thomas, media research manager at Informa, says: "In the shorter term we are forecasting 10.6 million IPTV households by the end of 2007, double the 2006 figure of 5.3 million. Much of the recent growth has come from service launches by European telcos, although US cablers are also starting to look anxiously over their shoulders at the success of U-Verse and FiOS."

In 2006, IPTV worldwide generated revenues from subscriptions and VOD of less than US$1.5 billion. By 2012 this figure is forecast to reach US$14.7 billion, with US$13.6 billion coming from subscription revenues, and a further US$1.1 billion from VOD revenues.

Looking ahead, China is expected to be the leading IPTV market by subscribers, with 6.6 million homes having it as their primary TV service by end-2012. However, Hong Kong will retain its leadership in the household penetration stakes and the US will contribute the highest IPTV revenues.

The 200-page report IPTV – A Global Analysis (3rd Edition) is published by Informa Telecoms & Media. It provides forecasts for 45 markets worldwide.