IEEE Web Site: The Day Analog TV Dies

The site has links to reader’s experiences with DTV. One puzzled me.

IEEE Spectrum has a special Web site, The Day Analog TV Dies.

The site has links to reader’s experiences with DTV. One, titled DTV Conversion Was a Joy—Until it Rained puzzled me.

In the article, Juliana Manoliu notices differences between two set-top boxes connected to two analog TV sets, even though both are hooked to the same antenna. After swapping converter boxes and the outputs of the splitter, she came to the conclusion that the quality of the tuner inside the TV set was affecting the sensitivity of the DTV converter box to DTV signals. I hope RF Report readers will be able to figure out that--even though Manoliu's tests were very detailed and correct--there is no way the conclusion, “moving the antenna around may improve your reception, but the TV itself and its tuner may make a difference in getting good digital reception.” can be true. For extra points, identify what is likely to be the real reason the two sets show different reception capability, even when the set-top boxes were swapped.

For links to additional IEEE information on the DTV transition and other readers' comments, visit The Day Analog TV Dies.

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