History Channel Debuts ‘WWII in HD’

©The History Channel
On Sunday, Nov. 15, The History Channel will launch a 10-hour five-part hi-def series featuring rare color footage from World War II, directed by Frederic Lumiere, one of the original architects of the RED digital camera platform.

“WWII in HD” features thousands of hours of long lost film converted to HD—almost all raw and unedited—gathered after a two year search from military film vaults and personal archives. The series, which will be shown over a 5 day period beginning on Sunday, is narrated by actor Gary Sinise, and features enhanced but original color footage from the era.

The History Channel describes it as “the first-ever World War II documentary presented in full-immersive HD color” and a “new approach” to war documentary filmmaking, merging genres to create a series that is part feature film, part drama television series.

“Everything is in-the-moment. The battles are as real as they can be, creating a visceral experience,” said Lumeire. “This is presented as a billion-dollar Hollywood epic, but better because it’s real.”

Along with his work on the RED camera, Lumiere is also noted for developing “Lumiere HD” software, which was recognized by Apple as the only viable system on which to edit HDV on the Apple platforms in the two years after the introduction of the format.