Henry Luken Plans More Diginets

CHATTANOOGA, TENN.: The purveyor of Retro TV Network is planning to launch more diginets. Henry Luken, who bought RTV (formerly RTN) out of Equity Media’s bankruptcy, is looking to start three more networks targeted for multicast carriage, according to an interview in BusinessTN. One is a second version of RTV, which runs old sitcoms like “McHale’s Navy,” “Leave it to Beaver,” and “I Spy.” Another net, PBJ, would cater to children, and a third, Tuff TV, would carry sports programming.

Luken told BusinessTN that he believes he’ll be able to “pull budget-minded viewers away from paid content” with new over-the-air fare. “A year from now, you should have 25 to 30 different sets of content on the air in a market the size of Chattanooga,” he said. “There’s an awful lot of people who could watch 25 channels and be perfectly happy, instead of paying 60 bucks a month for basic cable.”

He said he hopes to launch as many as 10 networks from RTV’s facilities.

Luken’s entree into the broadcast business came with his association with Equity Media as a shareholder and board member, then CEO when the Little Rock, Ark., company reeled toward bankruptcy. Luken bought the Retro TV Network from Equity for $18.5 million in June, 2008. A subsequent conflict with Equity led to the network’s distribution being dropped from its central hub in Little Rock. BusinesTN said the rebranded RTV covered 80 percent of the U.S. by the June digital transition.

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