HDTV Pioneer WRAL Utilizing Nexidia Dialogue Search on Archive

ATLANTA – With more than 26,000 video tapes dating back to 1976, Raleigh, N.C. TV station WRAL is employing Nexidia Dialogue Search to weave its way through its recently digitized archive. The Nexidia Dialogue Search allows WRAL to search its entire archive and locate a video based on a spoken word or phrase.

Using phonetic search technology, Dialogue Search is able to function without the need for metadata like logging, transcription or captions; though when metadata is available it helps refine the search. Dialogue Search scans all of the audio in the media library at 50x real-time per CPU core and relies on phonemes rather than individual words.

WRAL will use Dialogue Search in conjunction with its Sony Optical Disc Archive installation.

Nexidia is an audio and video search company based in Atlanta.