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HD Rental Company Adds Fujinon 'E Series' Zoom Lens

Fletcher Chicago, a 24P HD rental and sales facility, selected Fujinon's 6-30mm (HAe5x6) "E Series" HD CineStyle zoom lens for its rental department. HD optics were added to the equipment in response to requests from high-end commercial and independent film production clientele.

"Commercial and feature film DPs and ACs are serious when it comes to lenses," said Tom Fletcher, vice president of marketing fro the company. "Experienced film cinematographers want to shoot HD with the proper tools." Fletcher Chicago also rents two sets of Fujinon HD CineStyle prime lenses, HD Compact "C Series" zoom lenses and HD ENG zoom lenses.

The HAe5x6 features zoom, focus and iris markings that are visible from both sides of the lens, and gear placement is consistent between all four E Series zooms. The 6-30mm E lens features a large barrel diameter and sufficient distance between index marks for focus pulling. A constant T1.8 aperture allows cinematographers to compose shots closer to what is experienced with 35mm film production.