Hairy Sportscaster Taunted by HD Viewers

The beauty and the beast of HD was evident in the United Kingdom this month. According to the Daily Mail of London, HD viewers jokingly branded a TV sports announcer with an excess of body hair a "werewolf", until his employer, Sky Sports, found a solution.

Fans had started chanting "werewolf, werewolf" to announcer Richard Keys during football (soccer) matches in the U.K. and at first, Sky Sports had no idea what the fuss was all about. But soon some network execs realized that HD screens at home were showing in full detail what the newspaper described as coarse black hair that covered the sportscaster's hands, arms and face.

Sky Sports (part of DBS firm BSkyB) reportedly paid for laser treatment to permanently remove the excess hair from Keys' affected body parts. The chanting has ceased.