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Government grants available to LPTV stations for DTV conversion

More than $40 million in government money is available to Class A low-power TV and translator stations to help convert them to digital operation. LPTV facilities can continue broadcasting analog signals after the mandated June 12 analog spectrum shutoff date imposed on full-power stations.

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), the agency responsible for distributing the DTV converter box coupons, announced the grants in a Notice of Availability of Funds (NOFA) published in the Federal Register.

The NTIA has issued a series of guidelines for what it calls the “Low-Power Television and Translator Upgrade Program,” which will provide reimbursement for equipment to upgrade low-power stations in rural communities. Details of the NOFA are available online at and Applications must be received at the NTIA offices by 5 p.m., EDT on July 13.

“The Obama Administration is committed to ensuring all viewers of over-the-air broadcast television enjoy the full benefits of digital television,” said Anna M. Gomez, acting NTIA administrator, in a statement. “This grant program will assist the low-power, translator and Class A stations that may provide the only local television programming choices in many rural areas across the nation.”