Golf Channel Newsroom Tees Off With Pliant Tempest2400

ORLANDO, FLA.—The Golf Channel reached into its bag and pulled out some additional Pliant Technologies Tempest wireless intercom systems to use for its latest production suite, the Newsroom. With this latest Tempest system put into place, the Golf Channel now has five BaseStations in use to cover its four studio areas, which includes the Newsroom.

The Tempest system being utilized in the Newsroom is the Tempest2400, which is able to operate in the 2.4 GHz band worldwide and the 900 MHz band in North America. The Tempeset2400 does not require frequency coordination and isn’t subject to typical interference issues with analog RF signals.

The intercom system has a Seamless Routing feature that can be applied to a Tempest BeltStation. Similar to cell phone operation, Seamless Routing allows BeltStation users to move from one BaseStation’s coverage are to another without user intervention. If the signal data quality between the BeltStation and BaseStation drops to a certain level, the BeltStation will search for a better RF connection. A single BeltStation can roam between as many as 16 different RF coverage areas.

The Seamless Roaming feature is possible through Pliant’s ZSync technology, which provides a synchronization signal that coordinates the frequency hopping patterns of all connected BaseStations. The ZSync Dongle or ZSync Parallel Signal Generator can be used depending on the application.

The Golf Channel has been utilizing the Tempest system since 2007.