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Getting Serious About HD Sports Listings

A lot of early adopters were looking for HD-level sports events, and today virtually every major sporting activity in the free world is available somewhere in 1080i or 720p. But still, we're told by, a lot of proud new owners of HD sets have found themselves inviting half the office over to watch baseball or golf in HD, only to be embarrassed by having to watch a so-so SD telecast. Another case of faulty HD scheduling.

To the rescue comes HD Sports Guide from a free online set of schedules targeting virtually all sports within the next 14-day period that will definitely be televised by somewhere in HD. It includes listings from the national networks and select regional ones, sorted by sport, for MLB, NBA, NCAA, the NFL, college football, Major League Soccer, golf, auto racing, and Other (a catch-all for events like boxing and tennis). The Web site provides a lot of updated HD sports news.

In some instances, sports events are listed much further in advance that the customary 14 days' out. The next Florida State-Miami football game? It's in HD on Sept. 5 on ABC (720p) with kickoff at 8 EDT.