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GatesAir Prepares Rede VTV for Digital Transition

CINCINNATI – With just three years remaining until Brazil’s analog TV shutoff deadline, SBT Network affiliate Rede VTV is turning to GatesAir to help make the transition to over-the-air delivery of ISDB-Tb digital TV. System integration firm Foccus Digital is rolling out a single-frequency network made up of high-efficiency GatesAir Maxiva UAX air-cooled UHF transmitters, allowing Rede VTV to serve both analog and digital.

VTV Master Control

The GatesAir SFN synchronizes 31 transmitters with power levels up to 50kW, with interoperability across satellite and IP microwave platforms for regional distribution. The SFN architecture also allows Rede VTV to manage ASI, L-Band and IP input sources across the network.

Though the analog shutoff date is in 2018, Rede VTV’s main coverage cities, Campinas and Santos, will turn analog off in 2017. As a result, the SFN network has a hybrid system that will allow for both analog and ISDB-T programming, using ERI filters and combiners for analog and digital signals in common antenna systems.

GatesAir is a Cincinnati-based provider of over-the-air technology for radio and television broadcasters