Fox NFL Broadcasts with Sennheiser

The sounds of the game are that much clearer with Sennheiser microphones, says a longtime Fox Sports tachnician.

Michael Del Tufo, senior audio mixer for the NFL on Fox studio shows, has used Sennheiser microphones, transmitters and receivers for NFL coverage since the 1994 season.

Sennheiser MKE 2 sub-miniature lavalier mics capture in-studio banter. Fox uses them because the mics are easily hidden on sportscasters and sound natural under clothing. The Evolution E 835 records on-field interviews and is designed to deflect the noise of a crowd.

Del Tufo places the SK 50 and SK 250 body pack transmitters and EM 1046 and EM 3032 receivers up to 100 yards apart. Fox reports minimal RF interference, despite the number of occupied frequencies and possibility for intermodulation at an NFL game.