First group of MSOs to participate in new HD antenna program

Comcast, Bresnan Communications, Brighthouse Networks and Metrocast are among the first group of domestic U.S. cable MSOs to participate in a triple-feed antenna program, offering access to the future of HD channels, according to SES AMERICOM.

By installing a free triple-feed antenna, produced and delivered by Patriot Antenna Systems, MSOs can receive programming from three SES AMERICOM satellites. Cable operators, many of which already get programming from SES AMERICOM’s Americom2Cable neighborhood (AMC-1 at 101 degrees WL and AMC-4 at 103 degrees WL), will be well positioned to access the next wave of HD content carried on AMC-18 (at 105 degrees WL). The newest addition to SES AMERICOM’s HD-PRIME neighborhood is scheduled to be operational early next year following a planned launch this fall.

The HD-PRIME Satellites AMC-10 and AMC-11 are all C-band satellites, which operate from 135 and 131 degrees west longitude, respectively. The two A2100 spacecraft, built by Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Systems, have been optimized for next-generation programming services, including HD channels. Each of the 24 transponders is supported by a 20 watt SSPA, delivering almost a 20 percent more power than their predecessors.

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