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Fiorina urges broadcasters to use new digital capabilities to uplift character

The Chairman and CEO of Hewlett-Packard urged broadcasters at NAB2004 to use the digital capabilities at hand to educate, inform, uplift and inspire their audience.

During her keynote address at the industry trade show, the HP's Carly Fiorina identified capability and character as the defining characteristics of greatness. She reminded broadcasters that digital technology has ushered in an age of unmatched capability in broadcasting, and that they have an 81-year history of using the power of their medium for the benefit of society.

According to Fiorina, the role of broadcasters in this era of total information access is “to build bridges, fight ignorance with truth, and help us see out world in all its complexity.” Doing so requires broadcasters to bring perspective to stories they cover and to appeal to the sense of what is possible.

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