FCC seeks comment on National Broadband Plan

The FCC released a public notice last week seeking comment on a variety of issues involved with creating a plan for nationwide broadband service. Comments are due Dec. 2.

The commission is working under a Congressional deadline of Feb. 17, 2010, to create the National Broadband Plan (NBP) aimed at ensuring every American has access to broadband Internet service. The commission wants comment on several issues, including:

  • Measuring broadband adoption
  • The costs faced by individuals for not adopting broadband and the cost to society of not having wide broadband use
  • Reasons why those with access to broadband don’t use it
  • How the commission can help overcome each of the barriers that prevent broadband adoption
  • Lessons learned and data from other efforts — both successful and unsuccessful — at stimulating demand for broadband adoption and use

Anyone submitting comments should refer to GN Docket Nos. 09-47, 09-51 and 09-137. The comments also should be entitled: “Comments-NBP Public Notice #16.” Comments also should be organized to adhere to the structure of the questions in the notice.

Comments can be filed via the commission’s Electronic Comment Filing System (ECFS), the government’s eRulemaking Portal or using paper.