FCC releases latest tally of U.S. broadcast stations

The number of full-power television stations totaled 1782 and the number of Class A stations was 492 as of Sept. 30, according to the most recent tally from the FCC.

In all, there were 30,441 broadcast stations in the United States as of the end of September, with the vast radio category recording the highest count — some 14,865, 848 low-power FM stations and 6113 FM translators and boosters.

Besides the full-power and Class A tally, the television category showed there were 3042 UHF translators, 1230 VHF translators, and 2068 LPTV stations, of which 1659 were UHF and 409 were VHF stations.

A closer look at the number of full-power TV stations in the United States reveals there were 1027 UHF commercial stations, 359 VHF commercial stations, 289 UHF educational stations and 107 VHF education stations. The Class A station total broke down as 421 UHF stations and 71 VHF stations.