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FCC Releases Experimental License Grant List

The FCC has released its list of experimental licenses granted from 9/1/05 to 10/1/05. One of the licenses specifies operation on TV channels. Outland Wireless LLC received license WD2XUF to operate in the 76-82 MHz and 638-644 MHz bands (TV channels 5 and 42) in Viera (Brevard County), Fla.

Examination of the original application for the experimental license showed Outland Wireless originally requested operation TV channels 5 through 51, excluding channel 37, although the FCC only allowed operation on channels 5 and 42. The grant states, "Operation is subject to prior coordination with WPUL328 (Low Power TV) Walt Disney World Co."

Outland Wireless said it is "developing a wireless network system with radio base station and customer premises equipment that will employ algorithms and procedures to ensure compliance with proposed FCC non-interference regulations." For the purpose of the test, Outland Wireless "intends to establish an outdoor test range whereby it can perform experiments and take measurements of two-way data communications equipment operating in the VHF and UHF frequency range. It seeks to test and demonstrate this equipment during various stages of its research and design to evaluate functionality and acceptability prior to seeking equipment authorization."

Technical specifications mention up to three radio base stations and 15 customer premises units, both operating at powers up to 4 watts peak effective radiated power (ERP). QAM and phase modulation would be used. You may be able to view the WD2XUF exhibits using this link or navigate to the FCC Experimental Call Sign Search Web page and enter WD2XUF.

Interesting actions not involving broadcast frequencies include grants to QUALCOMM to operate in the 1714-1755 MHz and 2160-2180 MHz bands for "test and development of Miscellaneous Wireless Communications Services technologies" mobile in San Diego, Calif.

Oregon State University was allowed to operate fixed stations on 12.06 MHz and 12.2 MHz for "measuring and mapping ocean currents under NSF grants." Skidaway Institute of Oceanography received an experimental license to operate HF radar based on the Bragg-scattering concept on 4300, 5300, 6350 and 8350 KHz for ocean and wave research in Midway, Ga. The grant lists the emission type as 200KF1X, except on 6350 kHz where it is shown as 300KF1X. Authorized power is 30 watts, ERP. It appears this system could be used to provide some advance warning of a tsunami affecting the east coast of the U.S. Enter WD2XTM on the FCC Experimental Call Sign Search Web page to view exhibits with more information on the technology.

For a complete list of all experimental licenses granted, see the list of experimental licenses granted from 9/1/05 to 10/1/05.