FCC Releases Erratum to Third Periodic DTV Review Order

On Thursday the FCC released the Second Erratum to the Report and Order (FCC 07-228) in the 3rd Periodic Review of the DTV Transition. The Erratum corrects minor typographic errors, revises effective dates for certain rules and clarifies some of the footnotes.

One significant change is the language in paragraph 210 was changed to make the Report and Order effective on publication in the Federal Register, except for rules changes that require Office of Management and Budget (OMB) approval. Sections 73.682(d), 73.8000(b) and 73.9000(k) become effective 120 days after publication in the Federal Register, subject to OMB approval by that date. Section 73.616 was revised. This section outlines the procedures for determining interference based on OET Bulletin Number 69 and states applicants may request use of cell sizes other than 2.0 km, but only requests for cell sizes of 1.0 km per side or 0.5 km per side will be considered. Several references to ATSC standards were modified slightly.

See the Second Erratum for more information. The First Erratum was released Jan. 7.